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Welcome to Off The Cuff, where authenticity reins and individuality is celebrated. I don’t prescribe or preach; I don’t believe in creating lists of must-dos or must-wears. In my world there are no specific fashion rules for men, because style isn’t about following rigid guidelines; it’s about self-expression. 
Mistakes? They don’t exist in my vocabulary; there are only trials on your journey towards finding your unique style. I understand everyone’s path is different, and it’s okay to experiment and learn along the way. 
While there are countless “how-to” guides out there, I won’t teach you how to tie a tie or dictate what you should wear. Instead, my mission is to help you unearth your inner style, to help you find your voice in the world of fashion. Your clothing should be a reflection of your personality and values, and I’m here to assist you in communicating your message through your clothing. 
Beyond fashion, I’m passionate about boosting your confidence through your appearance. Feeling good in your skin and the clothes you choose can have a profound impact on your self-assurance and how you present yourself to the world. How you choose to make an impact with that newfound confidence is entirely up to you. 
So, welcome to Off The Cuff, where the journey to discovering your unique style and building confidence begins. I’m excited to embark on this fashion exploration with you, where there are no rigid rules, only endless possibilities. 

Anmar Salman

Behind the scenes

Style makes the man

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Green Jacket by Harold at Harry Rosen
Fabric is by Tallia Delfino 

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A navy suit is the quintessential staple for every man’s wardrobe.

Pure S110’s Wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico, Italy
Made by Suitsupply 
Knit top made by Suitsupply 
Shoes made by To Boot New York 

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Denim shirt by Proper Cloth 

Jacket by LBM1911
Leather Folio 
custom made on Etsy 
Watch by Longines 

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A monochrome look in unstructured jacket by Circolo 1901 and shirt by Proper cloth.

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